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Funding for Methodological Development

2016-8        Life course approach to study the development of lifestyle risk factors for cancer

                   Cancer Research Society/Read for the Cure Operating Grant -  $120 000

                   Principal Investigator: Sylvestre MP

                   Co-Investigators: Datta G, Engert J, Karp I, Jutras-Aswad D, O’Loughlin J

                   Description: This projects adopts a life course approach to investigate the onset and co-

                   occurrence of risk factors for cancer (e.g. cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, adiposity)

                   during adolescence. It focuses on the development and application of trajectory modelling.

2019-21      A prognostic tool for regular cannabis use among youth: A precursor to lowering cannabis-related

                   cancer risk (machine learning methods to develop prognostic tools to identify young people at risk

                   of initiation or escalation of substance use)

                   CCS Innovation Grant - $200,000

                   Principal Investigator: Sylvestre MP

                   Co-Investigators: O’Loughlin J, Leatherdale S, Haddad S, Belanger R, de Montigny S, Dore I

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