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NDIT Qualitative Study

As part of the 24th cycle of data collection in 2021, 25 NDIT participants participated in 60-minute semi-structured qualitative interviews conducted via Zoom. The purpose of these interviews was to better understand the lived experience of young adults during COVID-19 and the contextual factors influencing coping strategies used to minimize negative impacts on mental health. During these interviews, participants were asked about how the pandemic influenced their mental health and health behaviors, including cannabis use. 

This qualitative study was funded by CIHR (RN440100 - 451832).


A second qualitative study is planned for 2025 in a sample of 25 NDIT cannabis users to investigate motivations for and perceived effectiveness of cannabis use/co-use in managing stress, worry and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Participants in the purposive sample will be selected to maximize diversity in gender and use of cannabis for medicinal and/or non-medicinal purposes. The 90-min semi-structured individual interviews will be conducted by telephone or ZOOM. The qualitative study is funded by CIHR (477288).

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