Current FUNDING 2022

2022-27                CAN-DO (CANnabis research DevelOpment): A cells-to-society research program on                              cannabis and mental health in younger adults


                             Principal Investigators: Sylvestre MP, O'Loughlin J

                             Co-Investigators: Isabelle Doré, Jean-Sébastien Fallu, Olivier Ferlatte, Christophe                                    Huynh, Katerina Maximova, Cathi Sabiston, Laura Struik


2022-23                Application of a brief digital screening tool to address parental and adolescent

                             tobacco and electronic cigarette use in pediatric medical care. 

                             CIHR - Equity in Cancer Prevention and Control Priority Area


                             Principal Investigators: Olivier Drouin, Nicholas Chadi

                             Co-Investigators: J O'Loughlin, M Sylvestre, J Winickoff

2021-23                Coping strategies and mental health: quantitative and qualitative insight into the     

                             COVID-19 experience in young adult

                             Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)


                             Principal Investigators: Sylvestre MP; O'Loughlin J; Bélanger M; 

                             Co-Investigators: Ferlatte O; Gariépy G; Maximova K; Plourde V; Thombs B


2020-24                Explorer les mécanismes des Inégalités Sociales liées au Tabagisme en population

                             adolescente pour développer une stratégie préventive intégrative: le projet EXIST 

                             Recherche et interventions pour réduire et lutter contre le tabagisme, Institut National

                             du cancer (INCa) et l’Institut de Recherche en Santé Publique (IReSP)

                             $1,997,819 Euros

                             Principal Investigator: Minary L

                             Co-Investigators: O'Loughlin J; Agrinier N; Ligier F; Kestens Y; Ricci L; Dugas E;         

                             Legrand K; Claudot F; Naud A; Epstein J; Rotonda C; Trompette J; Guillemin F;

                             Gagné T

2020-23                Sport participation through the transition from adolescence to adulthood

                             Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Insight Grants)


                             Principal Investigator: Bélanger M

                             Co-Investigators: Brunet J, Doré I, Gunnell K, O’Loughlin J, Sabiston C

2020-23                Scaling up public health chronic disease prevention (CDP) innovations

                             CIHR Catalyst Grant: Impacts of financial and organizational restructuring of public



                             Principal Investigators: Maximova K, O'Loughlin J

                             Co-Investigators: Paradis G, Sylvestre MP, Rosella L

2020-22                Lifestyle behaviours and mental health in youth.

                             Women & Children's Health Research Institute – Innovation Grant.


                             Principal Investigator: K. Maximova

                             Co-Investigators: PJ Veugelers, S Leatherdale, K Patte

New Publications 2022

The Canadian sport and physical activity community identifies topics for researchers to prioritize

Mathieu Bélanger, Julie Goguen Carpenter, Catherine M. Sabiston, Leigh M. Vanderloo, Carolyn Trono, François Gallant, Véronique Thibault, Isabelle Doré and Jennifer O’Loughlin

Adoption of research findings in practice is often sub-optimal because of a disconnect between researchers and the individuals or groups overseeing and facilitating sport and physical activity participation. To help bridge the gap between sport and physical activity research activities and the needs of those best positioned to apply those findings, we conducted a study to identify top research priorities of people involved in various sectors of sport and physical activity across Canada. The study results highlight 8 high-ranking priorities for sport and physical activity research in Canada. They provide much-needed guidance to sport and physical activity researchers seeking to engage in impactful research.