The CELPHIE team is currently looking for a Research Coordinator whose primary responsibilities will be to manage research team activities and to organize upcoming data collections for the NDIT Study and other projects. 


2020-24    Explorer les mécanismes des Inégalités Sociales liées au Tabagisme en population adolescente

                 pour développer une stratégie préventive intégrative: le projet EXIST. Recherche et interventions pour                           réduire et lutter contre le tabagisme, Institut National du cancer (INCa) et l’Institut de Recherche en Santé                   Publique (IReSP)

                 $1,997,819 Euros

                 Principal Investigator: Minary L

                 Co-Investigators: O'Loughlin J; Agrinier N; Ligier F; Kestens Y; Ricci L; Dugas E; Legrand K; Claudot F;                         Naud A; Epstein J; Rotonda C; Trompette J; Guillemin F; Gagné T


2020-23    Sport participation through the transition from adolescence to adulthood

                 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Insight Grants)


                 Principal Investigator: Bélanger M

                 Co-Investigators: Brunet J, Doré I, Gunnell K, O’Loughlin J, Sabiston C


2020-23    Scaling up public health chronic disease prevention (CDP) innovations

                 CIHR Catalyst Grant: Impacts of financial and organizational restructuring of public health


                 Co-Principal Investigators: Maximova K, O'Loughlin J

                 Co-Investigators: Paradis G, Sylvestre MP, Rosella L

2020-22    Lifestyle behaviours and mental health in youth.

                 Women & Children's Health Research Institute – Innovation Grant.


                 Principal Investigator: K. Maximova

                 Co-Investigators: PJ Veugelers, S Leatherdale, K Patte


2020-21   Genetic impact on youth vaping: Extending known genetic risk factors in smoking and tobacco-related                           illnesses to vaping

                 CIHR Catalyst Grant: Health Effects of Vaping


                 Co-Principal Investigators: Chenoweth MJ, Tyndale RF

                 Co-Investigators: Eisenberg M; Hammond D, O'Loughlin J, Porath A, Sylvestre MP

2020-21    Youth and E-Cigarettes: A Knowledge Synthesis



                 Principal Investigator: Eisenberg M

                 Co-Investigators: Benedetti A, Filion K, Gore G, Grad R, O'Loughlin J, Thombs B, Windle S

2020-21    Weathering adversity: toward mitigating the impact of prolonged school closure and social isolation on                         mental health and lifestyle behaviours of elementary school children.

                 CIHR Operating Grant: COVID-19 May 2020 Rapid Research Funding Opportunity 


                 Principal Investigator: K. Maximova, PJ Veugelers

                 Co-Investigators: S Godrich, A Newton, A Ohinmaa, N Willows


2020         Faire face à la pauvreté en temps de COVID-19 : besoins et actions des populations vulnérables et

                 résilience du système alimentaire d’urgence

                 Centre de recherche en sante publique (CReSP)


                 Principal Investigator: Mercille G

                 Co-Investigators: Potvin L, O’Loughlin J, et al.

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