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2020-22                Scaling up public health chronic disease prevention (CDP) innovations

                             CIHR Catalyst Grant: Impacts of financial and organizational restructuring of public                                 health: $199,997

                             PIs: Maximova K, O'Loughlin J

                             Co-Is: Paradis G, Sylvestre MP, Rosella L


2011-3                  Understanding the evolving Canadian public health landscape for chronic disease                                   prevention: Critical longitudinal analyses of  Public Health Organizational Capacity                                   Study (PHOrCaSt) data

                             CIHR $100,000

                             PI: J O'Loughlin

                             Co-Is: G Paradis, K Maximova, D Contandriopoulos.


2010-2                 Assessing organizational capacity for chronic disease prevention in the Alberta public                              health system. 

                            Medical Services Inc. (MSI) Foundation: $80,000

                            PI: Maximova K

                            Co-I: Hanusaik N, O’Loughlin J, Paradis G, Wild C


2007-10              Assessing the longitudinal patterns and determinants of chronic disease prevention                                 capacity in the Canadian public health system

                           CIHR (PHSI): $411,475

                           PI: Paradis G

                           Co-Is: O’Loughlin J, Hanusaik N 


2000-4                Dissemination Research: Learnings from the Canadian Health Initiative

                           NHRDP/CIHR: $1,8 million

                           PIs: O’Loughlin J, Elliott S

                           Co-Is: Eyles J, Cameron R, Harvey D

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