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Methodological Development

  • Mediation models within a counterfactual framework

  • Trajectory analysis and curve modelling

  • Prognostic tools

  • Simulation studies


Genetic Studies

  • Candidate gene studies

  • Genetic risk scores

  • Replication studies

  • Phenotypes include substance use, mental and physical health, blood pressure, body weight



  • Substance use (cigarette smoking, e-cigarettes, cannabis use, co-use of multiple substances)

  • Healthy eating

  • Physical activity, exergaming, sedentary behavior, screen time

  • Gambling

  • How useful is technology developed to support physical activity?



  • Mental health (positive mental health, depression, anxiety, stress, coping)

  • Body weight and blood pressure

  • Sleep

  • Physical health (asthma, back pain)

  • Quality of life


Socioeconomic Inequalities

  • School-based health promotion programming

  • Lifestyle behaviours including substance use

  • Chronic disease and mental health outcomes


Monitoring Public Health Programs and Policy

  • Understanding Canada’s public health system

  • Before after studies of public health policy and legislation

  • Development of public health guidelines


Systematic Reviews

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